Where Did My America Go ? Has the Fire Gone Out ? –

Where Did My America Go ? Has the Fire Gone Out ?

Lets Keep The Fire Buring that is Our Nation

Lets Keep The Fire Burning that is Our Great Nation

I am very worried about my country. The man in charge of the United States of America and the awful people he surrounds himself with, are trying to redistribute and realign the available money in our country from the people who made it, to the people who he thinks need it. The problem is the people he is taking it from will not be able to make it again. It makes no sense to give the UAW a ton of stake in GM or to make sure they have enough money to keep the pension fund solvent. Why do the union members deserve to be comfortable and not worried about what the future holds, when the rest of us are taking the risks needed to create the jobs and produce the products we need. Right now no one knows what the future holds. As a business owner you would have to be crazy to take big risks on a particular project, or to hire more people in anticipation of future growth. Everything suffers, research and development, availability of products, not creating new jobs, and people squirrel away their money, not spending it! If people are afraid to spend their money, nothing moves. The restaurant guy suffers, the mall suffers, the car dealer suffers. It does not take an economist to figure out if there are less people buying my products, I will have to raise prices to make the same amount of money, everyone looses. Mr. President, cut my taxes, get rid of this stupid health care plan which will dumb down health care in the United States and wind up costing us alot more, take the chains off of my business so I can create jobs and be profitable again. Allow me to create the jobs the people need, so the people who are out of a job are able to go back to work!

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